Gim Tim in the 1970s

Gim Tim was founded by the late Mr Oh Joo Chong in 1975. Back then, it started first as a catering business in a kampong located at the old Nee Soon road. Whenever there are weddings, rites or any occasion that require food, Gim Tim will be there to cater for its neighbours.

In 1989, the late Mr Oh decided it was time to have a brick and mortar space for customers to stay connected. Gim Tim Restaurant at Ang Mo Kio Block 157 was thus born and is still around today.

After years of continuous effort in providing quality food and service, Gim Tim has won a place in the heart of many locals. The restaurant offers its own unique delectable menu selections in addition to serving exquisite cuisine during festive periods such as the Chinese New Year. Its signature dish – “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” has won much acclaim amongst foodies.

For many years, Gim Tim has been the place to enjoy the nest of Hokkien and Cantonese cuisines in a cosy ambience. There’s always something to savour at Gim Tim!

Gim Tim Restaurant at Ang Mo Kio in 1989Gim Tim Restaurant in the 1990sFeatured in magazine